Ms. McInturf's Class

Ms. McInturf's Class

Welcome to 5th grade with Ms. McInturf

This year I am looking forward to my new position, teaching 5th grade. I have learned alot teaching over the past decade and am excited for a new challenge during the pandemic of teaching all subjects. 

With a bright new future head we must remember we live in the present, but we learn from the past.

I look forward to taking your child on a journey through history starting with
Ohio's History and ending with the Ancient Civilizations in North and South America. We’ll take a look at mistakes made and the tools that aided in success. The past can tell us so much about where we are heading now and will give us a chance to design a future that influences a more productive society.

In Math we will be covering topics such as place value, decimals, measurement, multiplication and division, angles, area and volume, and graphing. Most of these tools students can use in life. Some everyday others when the need arises. Math is important and the basics are what we need to always remember.

In English we be exploring new charcters and locations, working on vocabulary, parts of speech and writing multi-paragraph stoires.

In Science we will be entering outer space and locate the planets of our solar system. With physical science we will study light, sound and motion. On the topic of life science we will focus on interactions within ecosystems.

History over the years

Math in some of its various forms!

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