District Goals

District Goals


1. We Will be an Excellent District.

2. We Will Meet AYP in All Buildings.

3. 100% of All Foxfire Graduates Will Have A Career Plan/Direction Upon Graduation Focusing On College/Career Readiness.

4. 100% of All Students Have A Minimum of One Strong Positive Relationship/Connection With A Staff Member.

5. 70% of Our Students Will Continue Their Education After Graduation.

6. We Will Teach the Un-teachable and Reach the Un–reachable.

7. 100% of Our Students Will Demonstrate Academic Growth and the Ability to Think For Themselves.

8. We Will Embrace and Embed Foxfire’s Mission, Vision, and Values in Everything That We Do.

High School Goal Plan 2019-2021

Foxfire High School Goal Plan for 2019-2021

Intermediate School Goal Plan 2019-2021

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