Staff and Administration

Staff and Administration


Todd Whiteman – Superintendent – [email protected]

Dr. Courtney Huffman - Director of Student Services – [email protected]

Chad Grandstaff – Director of Special Education – [email protected]

Eastin Lewellen – Assistant Executive Director – [email protected]

Lew Sidwell – Treasurer – [email protected]

Barb Beckert – EMIS Coordinator – [email protected]

Staci Joseph – Central Office Coordinator/Payroll – [email protected]

Tanya Lewellen – Central Office Secretary – [email protected]

Amanda Matthews – Principal K-12 – [email protected]

Katie Young – Associate Principal 9-12 – [email protected]

Bryan Kanavel – Associate Principal K-8 – [email protected]

Sol Curtis – Outreach Coordinator – [email protected]

Chad Jerles – Head of Maintenance – [email protected]


Eastin Lewellen - Anti-Harassment Coordinator - [email protected]
Megan Moore - Anti-Harassment Coordinator [email protected]
Eastin Lewellen - Title IX Officer - [email protected]
Megan Moore - Title IX Officer - [email protected]
Katie Young -Title IX Investigator - [email protected]
Dr. Courtney Huffman - Title IX Investigator - [email protected]
Amanda Matthews - Title IX Decision Maker - [email protected]
Todd Whiteman - Title IX Appeals Hearing Officer - [email protected]
Solomon Curtis - Homeless Liason - [email protected]
Solomon Curtis - Foster Care Coordinator - [email protected]
Eastin Lewellen - Workers Comp Designee - [email protected]

Foxfire High School Board Of Education

President: Mrs. Caribeth Legats

Vice President: 

Board Member: Mr. John Alice

Board Member: Mr. Dave Lewellen

Board Member: Mr. Robert McClelland

Foxfire Intermediate Board Of Education

President: Ms. Connie Roberts

Vice President: Mr. Derek Boothe

Board Member: Mr. Adam Davenport

Board Member: Mr. Brent Sidwell

Board Member: Mr. Mike Ziemer

Administrative Office

2805 Pinkerton Road

Zanesville, Ohio 43701 

 Phone 740 -453-4509 

Fax 740 -455-4084

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