Academic & Graduation Resources

Academic & Graduation Resources


1.In order to WALK for graduation and have your name in the paper, ALLProjects&WorkStudyHoursmust be turned in byThursday,April 25—NO EXCEPTIONS.

2.Senior Portfolios must be turned in by Thursday,April 25—NO EXCEPTIONS. If you don’t have one yet, you will soon!

3.All state tests must betaken,allWork Study hoursmustbe turned in, and all days must be made up before your diplomawill be issued.  

**You may still walk if you need to retake your statetests or make up absences—as long as all other requirements are met—but your diploma will not be issued until testing is completed and the days are made up.**



State End of CourseOR OGTExams

(depending on when you began high school)

You will get a personalized testing schedule tonight at the Compass Tables.  

Spring Testing is March 25 – April 18.  

Summer Testing is July15-26.

Diplomas will be issued only if testing 

requirements are met.

End of Course Exams


Testers should have a total of 18 points to graduate; however, if you do not have a total of 18 points this year only, the State of Ohio will allow you to graduate—ifyou have taken the AlgebraGeometry, and bothLanguageArtstests twice—AND  if you have raised your attendance to 93%! 

Tonight you will get a  blue Spring Testing Schedule when you meet with your Compass instructor 
If you needto test in the spring, your test dates will be circled.
If you donotneed to test in the spring, your testing schedule will have a smiley face on it!  J

A few students will complete all requirements except the additional math and ELA testing.  If you finish your Credits, Work Study and Senior Seminar by April 25—but still have testing to do—YOU MAY STILL WALK AT THE GRADUATION CEREMONY.  You will get your diploma after you take the remaining tests July 15-26, 2019


Seniors are required by the State of Ohio to attend 93% of our school days to earn a diploma.

Students who miss more than the 93%, MUST make up the days prior to graduation.

Tonight, you will get your attendance percentage and an idea of how many make-up days you have so far. 

Some mandatory senior days will count as make-up days:  testing days, grad practice days, health walk day, and tonight’s meeting!

Other ways to make up days include coming to school all day, Saturday school, doing community service activities, or turning in additional paystubs. If you are credit-deficient, coming to school all day is a good option! 


  • Spring Health Walk, May 10, at the track during your regular shift time (8 am or 11:30 am). $1 Donation to charity (as selected by the senior class tonight) as a gift from the Class of 2019
  • Graduation Practices—Thursday, May 16,  at 8:00 AM and Friday, May 17, at 8:00 AM
  • Watch your mail or check in with Ms. Strock for changes or additional activities!

Practice Tests

ACT Vocabulary Practice:

WELCOME TO VOCABULARY.COM and a DAILY WORD PUZZLE - a free resource used in over 22,000 schools to enhance vocabulary mastery & written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots.

ACT Test Practice Questions:

ACT Test Review:

ACT/SAT Practice:

ACT/SAT Test Practice:

ACT Practice:

ProProfs ACT Practice:

OGT Practice

ASVAB Practice

Grad Packet Download



Football Stadium 


*IF YOU NEED FLOOR SEATING for disabled guests:

See Mrs. Strock—Limit 4 per graduate

Storm Location: 


TWO TICKETS per graduate (with minimal handicap seating)

Floor Seating Tickets(and Rain Tickets, if necessary)

andwillbe distributed at Thursday morning practice.


You DO NOT have to dress up for practices!
If you plan to walk you MUST attend these practices:
      •Thursday, May 16—8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
      •Friday, May 17—8:00 – 9:30 a.m.

Call Ms. Strock ASAP if you have any work conflicts

Reference Links

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