Foxfire Community Schools Staff.

Foxfire Community Schools Staff.

  We are a professional group of Teachers, Social Workers, Administrators, & Support Staff that are dedicated to the education of at-risk youth. Not only do we educate students on the Core Academic subjects, we also educate our students on the importance of the solid foundation that Core Values provide for the individual. We develop our students ability to understand the value of education in their life and how Core Values serve as their base to build themselves upon. Our goal is to build productive individuals who will contribute to our community & our world in a positive manner. We have a Blue Collar, Hard Hat Work Ethic and a "tough but fair" attitude.

 Foxfire Community Schools 
"We Build People - Everyday."

7 Up Responsibilities

7 UP Responsibilities

“Seven Essential Responsibilities that Protect the Culture of Our Team”

1-          Have Fun – Work Hard- and Enjoy the Journey

2-          Show Respect for Every Person You Have Contact With in the Organization.

3-          Put the Team First – Success is Based on Unselfishness and Willingness to Do What’s Best for the Team

4-          DO YOUR JOB! Do It Right – Do It Well – Do It Every Day –it is Defined but you must be prepared for change- Adapt – Conquer – Go Above the Call of Duty When Required

5-          Appropriately Handle Victory and Defeat –Adulation and Humiliation. Do not get to high in victory or Get Too Low in Defeat. Be the Same Person Every Day!

6-          Understand That All Organizational Decisions Aim to Make the Team Better, Stronger and More Efficient.

7-          Have a Positive Attitude – Use Positive Language(Both Verbal and Body Language)

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