Attendance and Truancy

Attendance and Truancy


The attendance policies of the Foxfire Schools are based on the philosophy that Foxfire students have a desire for success. If students are to realize their dreams of achieving a high school diploma or promotion, regular attendance is essential

Parent’s Role/Responsibility

The attendance of all children of compulsory school age, ages 6-18, is expected every day that school is in session. The laws of the State of Ohio place the responsibility for school attendance squarely on the parents.  You, as parents, are required to ensure that your child attends school regularly. Failure to do so may result in student disciplinary action and juvenile court charges for parent and student.


In accordance with the Missing Child Act, a parent/guardian should notify the school no later than 30 minutes after the start of school on the day a student is absent unless previous notification.   By law, the principal or designee is required to notify the missing student’s parent/guardian or person responsible for his/her absence from school. The parent or other responsible person shall be notified by telephone or written notice shall be mailed on the same day that the student is absent.   

Attendance Policy

**All absence time from school must be made up regardless of reason. **

Absences may be made up during Saturday Schools or at another time approved by the Administration. Seniors must have at least 95% attendance prior to graduation.

Foxfire Schools Attendance Requirements:

  • Upon missing 5 days, a call will be made to the parent or guardian.
  • Upon missing 7 days, a notification letter of truancy will be sent home to the parent or guardian.
  • Upon missing 10 days, a notification letter of truancy will be sent home to the parent or guardian. 
  • Upon missing 14 days, truancy charges on both the student and parent will be filed.   

Charges may also be filed under the following circumstances:

When a student misses: 

  • 5 consecutive days
  • 7 days in a month
  • 18 days in a year.

Students will be automatically withdrawn to their home school district upon missing 18 days straight. 

Excessive absences may also result in the loss of driver’s license and/or work permit, if applicable.

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